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About Us

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Fonda Nostra Bistro is locally and family-owned business that was founded in 2021. We're dedicated to creating delicious café brunch, lunch, and dinner style food that surprises your taste buds. When you visit our restaurant, you won't believe your eyes with the incredible range of options that are available with us.   

You will see most of our dishes will comprise of the love we have for Veracruz. Growing up in Veracruz we were exposed to such delicious food that we have not seen here is San Antonio. Our goal is to bring that love of Veracruz here in our good quality and freshly made food from our kitchen. Our Veracruzano style dishes are made traditionally, learned from our grandmothers and mothers.                                               

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Visit Fonda Nostra Bistro where you'll always be treated like family. Warm smiles and welcome greetings are our number one goal. Our food tastes as good as it looks. 

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